Unveiling the Unlikely Buyer

UNVEILING THE UNLIKELY BUYER At MMG, we don’t just navigate the real estate market; we redefine it. Our recent success story is a testament to our ability to not only meet but surpass the expectations of our sellers, showcasing our unique knack for uncovering hidden opportunities and orchestrating connections between unlikely players in the market. […]

Swift Success in a Reverse 1031 Exchange

In the fast-paced world of real estate transactions, MMG showcased their expertise by orchestrating a remarkable deal for a client engaged in a Reverse 1031.  The challenge? Closing the Class A down leg within a stringent four-month timeframe. Here’s how MMG’s strategic approach delivered results that exceeded expectations. SWIFT SUCCESS IN A REVERSE 1031 EXCHANGE […]

Advisory vs Transactional

ADVISORY VS TRANSACTIONAL OUR CAREFULLY CRAFTED CLIENT-CENTRIC APPROACH THE SITUATION For the most part, everything looked good on paper. The potential buyer was not only well-qualified, but had come to the table with reasonably good terms. It should also be noted that the prospective buyer had just recently prevailed in a competitive bidding process on […]

Exchange & Elevate

EXCHANGE & ELEVATE REDEPLOYMENT OF EQUITY FOR GREATER RETURNS Our client owned a 136-unit, 1970’s apartment community in Louisville, KY for 15 years. It was operating well, but not producing an optimal return. For over two decades, the client’s overall goal with building their portfolio was to grow their cash flow and build a diverse […]

Operational Challenges vs Future Possibility

There was an incredible, multifamily townhome community located in St. Louis, Missouri that at the time, was the newest vintage asset in the sub market with strong attributes and a highly viable location. We’re talking phenomenal looking, and wildly attractive with maintenance-free exteriors and if that wasn’t enough, the property also comped out exceedingly well. However, […]

Why Hire an Advisor?

WHY HIRE AN ADVISOR? Let’s talk about the value of representation THE SITUATION There was a reasonably well-informed, seemingly business-savvy seller who wanted to unload a piece of multi family real estate. MMG Real Estate Advisors encouraged said seller to have a valuation completed on the property, which would at minimum serve to provide a […]