Jake Sullivan


Jake is instrumental in supporting the success of the Kansas City team. He consistently displays MMG’s core values of collaboration, growth mindset, positive attitude, genuine/transparent and integrity.

How did you get into the real estate industry?

My dad coaches sales professionals to become high performers. I always knew that I wanted a sales position and was in the medical sales field for two years. One day, Michael Sullivan was paired with my dad in a golf tournament, and they discussed that I was in college and looking for a sales job. I interviewed with MMG soon afterwards! I believe the day of my interview with Michael was the day he left Berkadia, so I think I can claim to be the first official interviewee for MMG. The opportunity to have a tangible positive impact on Kansas City was very exciting for me.


What is your favorite aspect of working here?

My favorite aspect is definitely the culture. I learn from people at MMG every day who are willing to answer my questions and make me a better broker.

People often describe our team as collaborative. This is true, but the competitive nature of the industry is what really motivates me. At MMG, we compete with each other, but not against each other. For example, while we collaborate on deals across the nation, we compete for who will have the most calls/meetings per week. We fuel each other and inspire each other.


What do you enjoy most about your work, or what drives you?

In many sales positions, I thought all you needed was a fair amount of charisma to get a deal done. Real estate is different. You have to have a depth of knowledge about the market, the industry, and the people that you are working with. You don’t work nine-to-five and clock out. You’re still learning and networking every morning and night when you leave the office. I want to be a valuable member of the team, and this motivates me to continue improving and learning independently.


Describe MMG in three words:

Driven. Impactful. Rewarding.


What’s something unique about you that few people are aware of?

I’m a big philosophy nerd! I graduated from an honors program that required me to write a 50-page thesis, and my subject was pertaining to 19th century philosophers. I enjoy reading the works of Existentialists the most. I’m also passionate about soccer (Go Manchester United)!