Hannah Troyer


Hannah Troyer is not only a wizard with words, but also a luminous light in the lives of others. With unparalleled passion for her craft, Hannah is dedicated to curating custom content that’s clear, concise, and engaging.

An integral part of the team of marketing masterminds at MMG, Hannah’s positive contribution to the collective success of the firm as a whole certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Congratulations, Hannah, and thank you for the cornucopia of ideas you contribute!

How did you get into the real estate industry?

When my husband and I moved to South Carolina from Washington at the height of the pandemic, no one was hiring, and I get a bit stir-crazy without work. I asked the only person I knew in the state—our real estate agent—if she knew of any opportunities. I had helped to facilitate communication during the purchase of our home.

Appreciating this, our agent let me know that if I obtained my real estate license and was willing to focus on commercial leasing, I could join her team, which was in the top 1% for residential sales in the tri-county area. I accepted her offer, but soon decided to work independently. Outside of the team, I executed twelve leases within my first year!

After a few years in the real estate industry, my husband let me know that he wanted to change his career focus from Navy submarines to commercial jets. This involved moving to Indiana so that he could attend flight school full-time. I decided to begin looking for remote work that aligned with both my real estate experience and my more extensive writing experience. I was lucky to come across MMG!


What is your role at the company?

In short, I create content. This includes everything from Investment Highlights and Strategic Analyses to market for our listings, social media posts to promote our Advisors, and more. My role also involves editing content such as blog posts, press releases, emails, internal training collateral, and market reports, among other deliverables. 


What is your favorite aspect about working here?

I appreciate the fact that my role allows me to assist several departments. In addition to working with the Advisors, I also get to assist the Research, Experience & Engagement, and Operations with various initiatives, although Marketing is my primary focus.


When you are at work, how do you motivate yourself?

For me, a change is often as good as a break, so switching between long-term projects and short-term daily tasks helps to keep my mind clear. Copious amounts of coffee help, too!


What do you enjoy most about your work/what drives you?

I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with team members to produce marketing collateral that will make a positive impact for the entire company.  I view my written work as a tool rather than as a creative outlet. I enjoy seeing how the content I create can be put to use to grow the company!


Why is MMG different from other companies?

MMG is very intentional in building a culture that promotes innovation. Rather than letting daily tasks monopolize the company’s focus, leadership continually searches for ways we can improve in all areas.


Who are some of your major influences at work?

My direct supervisor, Joy Martin, has been a major positive influence in my work! I have learned a lot from her leadership methods—especially how to have a long-term project strategy in mind and to aim for quality above speed.


What is something unique about you (a fun fact) that few people are aware of?

I play my great-grandmother’s violin. It was passed down to my grandmother and then to my mother, but no one had played it since my great-grandmother until I received it. I enjoy playing Christmas carols during the holiday season, especially at local nursing homes. (It’s certainly more appreciated than my attempts to sing carols, at any rate!)


Where is your favorite destination you’ve visited, and why?

One of the most interesting “destinations” I’ve visited was the nuclear-powered Navy submarine my husband was stationed on. Early in our marriage, I got the opportunity to bring dinner to him while he was in port.

Trying to be a good wife, I brought an entire pot roast and wore a dress with heels—it was an adventure getting down the ladder into the submarine! I was given a brief tour of the non-classified areas of the sub, and it was incredible to see the small steel world that my husband had lived in during his nine-month-long deployment.


Describe MMG in 3 words.

Innovative. Collaborative. Growing.