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82 Under Construction

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1,780 Under Construction

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420 Under Construction

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3,731 Under Construction

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1,427 Under Construction

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272 Under Construction

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3,562 Under Construction

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1,303 Under Construction

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506 Under Construction

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651 Under Construction

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1,878 Under Construction

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1,133 Under Construction

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324 Under Construction

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San Antonio Construction Pipeline

The information provided in this construction pipeline map is obtained from RealPage. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the map is as accurate as possible, MMG REA does not warrant, endorse, or guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the information.
Users of the map should be aware that the data related to properties, including but not limited to locations, statuses, and details, may be subject to change without notice. MMG REA shall not be liable for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information or for any user’s reliance on the information. Users are encouraged to validate the information with other sources in the field to confirm any details or obtain further information.

Full Data Table

Property NameSubmarketAddressCityStateZIP CodeProperty StatusConstruction Start DateConstruction Finish DateTotal UnitsProperty Structure
Allora Alamo HeightsAirport Area9318 Jones Maltsberger RdSan AntonioTX78216Pre-Planned351Garden
7600 BroadwayAlamo Heights7600 BroadwaySan AntonioTX78209Under Construction/Lease-Up11/01/201909/01/2023217Podium
Katherine CourtAlamo Heights111-135 Katherine CtSan AntonioTX78209Pre-Planned27Garden
100 LaborCentral San Antonio600 E Cesar E Chavez BlvdSan AntonioTX78210Under Construction/Lease-Up01/01/202109/01/2023213Wrap
110 South Laredo StreetCentral San Antonio110 S Laredo StSan AntonioTX78205Planned08/01/202307/01/2025290Podium
1216 East Euclid AvenueCentral San Antonio1216 E Euclid AveSan AntonioTX78212Pre-PlannedPodium
1602 BroadwayCentral San Antonio1602 BroadwaySan AntonioTX78215Pre-PlannedPodium
223 South Cherry StreetCentral San Antonio223 S Cherry StSan AntonioTX78202Pre-PlannedWrap
300 MainCentral San Antonio305 Soledad StSan AntonioTX78207Under Construction03/01/202211/01/2024354Podium
503 Urban LoopCentral San Antonio503 Urban LoopSan AntonioTX78204Pre-Planned200Podium
900 West Houston StreetCentral San Antonio900 W Houston StSan AntonioTX78207Pre-Planned122Wrap
918 South Laredo StreetCentral San Antonio918 S Laredo StSan AntonioTX78204Pre-Planned95Garden
Cherry X CommerceCentral San Antonio1220 E Commerce StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned352Podium
DurangoCentral San Antonio421 S Presa StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned70Podium
Elmira HighlineCentral San Antonio827 E Elmira StSan AntonioTX78212Pre-Planned61Podium
Encore Lower Broadway Future PhasesCentral San AntonioPearl Pkwy & Broadway StSan AntonioTX78215Pre-PlannedGarden
Encore Lower Broadway ICentral San AntonioPearl Pkwy & BroadwaySan AntonioTX78215Under Construction08/01/202107/01/2024386Garden
Essex Modern CityCentral San Antonio51 Essex StSan AntonioTX78210Pre-Planned800Podium
Former Alamo Funeral ChapelsCentral San Antonio624 N Alamo StSan AntonioTX78215Pre-Planned266Podium
Former Express-News BuildingCentral San Antonio301 Ave ESan AntonioTX78205Pre-PlannedPodium
Former Milam BuildingCentral San Antonio115 E Travis StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned100Tower
Harris Bay DevelopmentCentral San AntonioE Chavez Blvd & S Cherry StSan AntonioTX78210Pre-Planned350Wrap
Hemisfair ICentral San AntonioS Alamo St & E Market StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned360Podium
Lone Star DistrictCentral San Antonio600 Lone Star BlvdSan AntonioTX78204Pre-Planned250Podium
Pine @ CarsonCentral San AntonioN Pine St & E CarsonSan AntonioTX78208Planned01/01/202407/01/202521Podium
RiverplaceCentral San Antonio500 N Main AveSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned216Podium
SoJo HighlineCentral San Antonio719 E Locust StSan AntonioTX78212Planned10/01/202301/01/202554Garden
Southtown FlatsCentral San Antonio410 Probandt StSan AntonioTX78204Planned10/01/202312/01/2025310Podium
St John's SquareCentral San Antonio422 E Nueva StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned253Wrap
St Mary’s HighlineCentral San AntonioCamden St & N St Mary's StSan AntonioTX78215Pre-Planned63Podium
The ElmiraCentral San Antonio1126 E Elmira StSan AntonioTX78212Under Construction06/01/202207/01/2024265Podium
The FloodgateCentral San Antonio139 E Commerce StSan AntonioTX78205Under Construction02/01/202004/01/202463Podium
The Former Tower Life BuildingCentral San Antonio310 S St Mary's StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned10/01/202411/01/2026234Tower
The Friedrich LoftsCentral San Antonio1617 E Commerce StSan AntonioTX78205Planned12/01/202303/01/2026358Wrap
The JosephineCentral San Antonio120 W Josephine StSan AntonioTX78212Under Construction02/01/202204/01/2024261Wrap
The LewellanCentral San Antonio102 E Josephine StSan AntonioTX78215Planned02/01/202402/01/2026250Podium
The Residences at Grayson HeightsCentral San Antonio18035 E Carson StSan AntonioTX78208Under Construction08/01/202208/01/2024281Wrap
Tobin HillCentral San AntonioE Locust St & N St Mary's StSan AntonioTX78212Pre-Planned113Podium
Villita TowerCentral San Antonio112 Villita StSan AntonioTX78205Pre-Planned226Podium
Caroline SonterraFar North Central San Antonio1510 E Sonterra BlvdSan AntonioTX78258Planned12/01/202311/01/2025301Garden
Durrington RidgeFar North Central San Antonio21915 US-281 NSan AntonioTX78258Under Construction/Lease-Up09/01/202109/01/2023398Garden
Oasis at Stone CreekFar North Central San Antonio23609 Canyon Golf RdSan AntonioTX78260Pre-PlannedDuplex/Triplex/Quadplex
Park at Stone OakFar North Central San Antonio20727 Stone Oak PkwySan AntonioTX78258Under Construction07/01/202210/01/2024300Garden
Trac 15Far North Central San AntonioO'Connor Rd & N Loop 1604 ESan AntonioTX78259Pre-Planned444Garden
101 Switchback TrailFar Northwest San Antonio101 Switchback TrlBoerneTX78006Planned09/01/202309/01/2025324Garden
12400 South Hausman RoadFar Northwest San Antonio12400 S Hausman RdSan AntonioTX78249Pre-Planned169Garden
Allied Orion Group DevelopmentFar Northwest San AntonioOld Fredericksburg Rd & Dietz Elkhorn RdBoerneTX78015Pre-PlannedGarden
Bandera RanchFar Northwest San Antonio15030 Bandera RdHelotesTX78023Planned12/01/202308/01/2025230Townhome/Row Home
Bull’s Eye DevelopmentFar Northwest San AntonioUTSA Blvd & UTEX BlvdSan AntonioTX78249Pre-Planned145Garden
Caroline at Rogers RanchFar Northwest San Antonio3331 N Loop 1604 WSan AntonioTX78257Under Construction01/01/202207/01/2024351Garden
Collection at BoerneFar Northwest San Antonio1670 TX-46BoerneTX78006Under Construction06/01/202302/01/2025214Single Family
Elation at BuckskinFar Northwest San Antonio26741 IH 10 WBoerneTX78006Under Construction/Lease-Up07/01/202204/01/2024300Garden
Landmark at Grandview IIFar Northwest San Antonio15506 Interplace RdSan AntonioTX78257Under Construction06/01/202207/01/2024323Garden
Lemon Creek RanchFar Northwest San AntonioDietz Elkhorn Rd & I-10BoerneTX78015Pre-Planned700Wrap
Lyric At The MercFar Northwest San Antonio14015 Univ PassSan AntonioTX78249Under Construction05/01/202210/01/2024300Garden
Napa OaksFar Northwest San Antonio8965 Napa LandingBoerneTX78015Under Construction/Lease-Up01/01/202203/01/2024300Garden
Oxly IIFar Northwest San Antonio5810 UTSA BlvdSan AntonioTX78249Pre-Planned647Garden
Prose at The RimFar Northwest San Antonio15323 Vance Jackson RdSan AntonioTX78249Under Construction01/01/202205/01/2024298Garden
Ranch CreekFar Northwest San AntonioTriana Pkwy & TX-16HelotesTX78023Under Construction12/01/202210/01/2024297Garden
Ridgeline FlatsFar Northwest San AntonioN Loop 1604 W & Shavano RanchSan AntonioTX78257Under Construction02/01/202211/01/2024350Garden
Sonoma VerdeFar Northwest San AntonioKyle Seale Pkwy & Vista ColinaHelotesTX78023Under Construction07/01/202108/01/2024137Garden
Tacara at Steubing HeightsFar Northwest San Antonio12807 JV Bacon PkwySan AntonioTX78249Pre-Planned293Garden
The Cortesin at EilanFar Northwest San Antonio18111 La Cantera TerSan AntonioTX78256Under Construction05/01/202201/01/2025293Garden
The Overlook at The RimFar Northwest San Antonio19035 Talavera RidgeSan AntonioTX78257Under Construction12/01/202111/01/2023298Garden
Trailhead at HelotesFar Northwest San AntonioBandera Rd & Old Scenic Loop RdHelotesTX78023Pre-PlannedGarden
UTSA Boulevard & Vance Jackson RoadFar Northwest San AntonioUTSA Blvd & Vance Jackson RdSan AntonioTX78249Under Construction12/01/202109/01/2025425Garden
Vista ColinaFar Northwest San Antonio17811 Kyle Seale PkwySan AntonioTX78255Under Construction/Lease-Up09/01/202002/01/2024208Garden
10865 North Loop 1604Far West San Antonio10865 N Loop 1604San AntonioTX78254Pre-Planned446Podium
Atlantica at AlamoFar West San Antonio5415 Alamo PkwySan AntonioTX78253Under Construction08/01/202204/01/2025375Garden
Atlantica at Westover HillsFar West San AntonioNationwide Dr & TX-151 Access RdSan AntonioTX78251Planned09/01/202310/01/2025312Garden
EllisonFar West San AntonioWiseman Blvd & N Ellison DrSan AntonioTX78251Pre-PlannedGarden
Escala RanchFar West San Antonio1831 Escala PkwySan AntonioTX78251Pre-Planned264Garden
GreenGate VillageFar West San AntonioReed Rd & W Loop 1604San AntonioTX78251Planned08/01/202307/01/2025318Garden
Legacy Creekside IIFar West San Antonio7210 Potranco RdSan AntonioTX78251Under Construction/Lease-Up01/01/202209/01/2023107Garden
Prose HelotesFar West San Antonio10835 W Loop 1604San AntonioTX78254Planned09/01/202305/01/2025Garden
Redbird RanchFar West San AntonioTX-211 & Potranco RdSan AntonioTX78253Pre-Planned700Garden
The Park at Westover HillsFar West San AntonioWestern Cross & Rogers RdSan AntonioTX78251Under Construction04/01/202305/01/2025372Garden
The Royalton at Westover HillsFar West San AntonioTX-1604 Loop & TX-151San AntonioTX78251Under Construction01/01/202305/01/2025365Garden
ViciniaFar West San AntonioW Military Dr & Potranco RdSan AntonioTX78251Pre-PlannedGarden
Westover HillsFar West San Antonio5219 Rogers RdSan AntonioTX78251Under Construction11/01/202211/01/2024250Garden
Alamo Residences at Spurs LaneMedical Center300 Spurs LnSan AntonioTX78240Under Construction09/01/202208/01/2024120Garden
Frame Med CenterMedical Center8642 Oakland RdSan AntonioTX78240Under Construction/Lease-Up01/01/202207/01/2024174Single Family
AK Properties LLC DevelopmentNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City2600-2700 TX-46SeguinTX78155Pre-Planned276Garden
Bainbridge CreeksideNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City770 Barbarosa RdNew BraunfelsTX78130Under Construction10/01/202206/01/2024291Garden
BV New BraunfelsNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityFM1102 & FM306New BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned380Garden
CaldwellNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityN Guadalupe St & N Austin StSeguinTX78155Under Construction04/01/202304/01/2025300Garden
Cibolo CommonsNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityFM1103 & Knight's XingCiboloTX78108Under Construction09/01/202212/01/2024288Garden
Collection at GrueneNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City2504 Compose DrNew BraunfelsTX78130Under Construction/Lease-Up06/01/202205/01/2024252Townhome/Row Home
Creekside GardensNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityUS-90 & TX Hwy 123SeguinTX78155Pre-PlannedGarden
Creekside GardensNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityUS-90 & N Hwy 123 BypassSeguinTX78155Pre-Planned400Garden,Townhome/Row Home
Dorado at Cibolo Crossing INew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City18196 Ripps Kreusler RdCiboloTX78108Under Construction03/01/202304/01/2025350Garden
Dorado at Cibolo Crossing IINew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City18196 Ripps Kreusler RdCiboloTX78108Pre-Planned450Garden
Gateway at GrueneNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City2445 E Common StNew BraunfelsTX78130Under Construction06/01/202208/01/2024227Garden
Goodwin LaneNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City2727 & 2753 & 2793 Goodwin LnNew BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned320Garden
Lyndon Ranch INew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityElmwood Dr & TX-46New BraunfelsTX78130Planned12/01/202312/01/2025300Garden
Lyndon Ranch IINew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityElmwood Dr & TX-46New BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned100Single Family
Mayfair INew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityKohlenberg Rd & I-35New BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned450Garden
Mayfair IINew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityKohlenberg Rd & I-35New BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned275Single Family
Oak RunNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityTX-337 Loop & Oak Run PkwyNew BraunfelsTX78132Pre-Planned330Garden
Ostry RanchNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City2189 Schuwirth RdConverseTX78109Pre-Planned240Garden
Paloma San AntonioNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityN Graytown Rd & Pfeil RdConverseTX78109Under Construction08/01/202207/01/2024264Garden
Prose New BraunfelsNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityS Kowald Ln & FM1101New BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned378Garden
River MillNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City555 Porter StNew BraunfelsTX78130Planned02/01/202407/01/2026900Wrap
River's EdgeNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityW Klein Rd & FM725New BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned300Garden
Solms LandingNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City161 Creekside WayNew BraunfelsTX78130Under Construction04/01/202305/01/2025340Garden
SophieNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City108 Oak Creek WayNew BraunfelsTX78130Under Construction05/01/202210/01/2024282Garden
Tacara at GrueneNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City2025 Hunter RdNew BraunfelsTX78132Under Construction/Lease-Up11/01/202104/01/2024300Garden
The DevereauxNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City1661 Independence DrNew BraunfelsTX78132Under Construction10/01/202209/01/2024240Garden
The Grand at CiboloNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City245 W Borgfeld RdCiboloTX78108Under Construction05/01/202211/01/2024264Garden
The Heritage at Cottonwood CreekNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City4500 Texas Hwy 123SeguinTX78155Pre-Planned233Garden
The NeueNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City699 W San Antonio StNew BraunfelsTX78130Planned10/01/202304/01/2025Podium
The Virginia INew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City3501 N Austin StSeguinTX78155Under Construction03/01/202301/01/2025198Garden
The Virginia IINew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City3501 N Austin StSeguinTX78155Planned07/01/202403/01/2026226Garden
Tricon Trail CreekNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityHwy 46 W & Stone Gate DrNew BraunfelsTX78130Pre-Planned180Single Family
USAA Real Estate DevelopmentNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityN Loop 1604 E & Nacogdoches RdSan AntonioTX78266Pre-PlannedGarden
VeramendiNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityTX-337 & California BlvdNew BraunfelsTX78132Pre-PlannedGarden
Village at MayfairNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal CityKohlenberg Rd & I-35New BraunfelsTX78130Planned11/01/202307/01/2025215Single Family
Villas at BarbarosaNew Braunfels/Schertz/Universal City816 Barbarosa RdNew BraunfelsTX78130Under Construction01/01/202308/01/2024183Single Family
Afton OaksNorth Central San Antonio610 W Afton Oaks BlvdSan AntonioTX78232Pre-PlannedGarden
Alta Rolling OaksNorth Central San Antonio6710 Loop 410 ESan AntonioTX78247Under Construction07/01/202211/01/2024366Garden
Bulverde OaksNorth Central San Antonio4710 N Loop 1604 ESan AntonioTN78247Under Construction08/01/202204/01/2025444Garden
Caliza at the LoopNorth Central San Antonio4510 N Loop 1604 ESan AntonioTX78247Under Construction09/01/202207/01/2024154Townhome/Row Home
The GreysonNorth Central San Antonio1734 N Loop 1604 WSan AntonioTX78248Under Construction01/01/202312/01/2024291Garden
2455 Northeast I-410 LoopNortheast San Antonio2455 NE I-410 LoopSan AntonioTX78217Pre-PlannedGarden
Caroline at Longhorn QuarryNortheast San Antonio5206 Wurzbach PkwySan AntonioTX78233Under Construction/Lease-Up08/01/202112/01/2023355Garden
Tacara at O'ConnorNortheast San Antonio6215 Britney CirSan AntonioTX78233Planned11/01/202302/01/2025Garden
The Tobin Estate IINortheast San Antonio3310 Oakwell CtSan AntonioTX78218Under Construction12/01/202109/01/2024311Garden
The Tobin Estate IIINortheast San Antonio3310 Oakwell CtSan AntonioTX78218Pre-Planned355Garden
Lofts at Castle HillsNorthwest San AntonioS Winston Ln & NW Military HwySan AntonioTX78213Pre-Planned300Wrap
The SavoyNorthwest San Antonio12631 Vance Jackson RdSan AntonioTX78230Under Construction03/01/202304/01/2025300Garden
5001 & 5009 South Flores StreetSouth San Antonio5001 & 5009 S Flores StSan AntonioTX78214Pre-PlannedPodium
Aspire at VIDASouth San Antonio1035 Jaguar PkwySan AntonioTX78224Planned09/01/202308/01/2025288Garden
Birdsong Sonoma RanchSouth San Antonio13939 FM 1560 NHelotesTX78026Under Construction07/01/202201/01/2025400Single Family
Caroline at BrooksSouth San Antonio7910 S New Braunfels AveSan AntonioTX78235Under Construction11/01/202201/01/2025373Garden
Caroline at Salado CreekSouth San Antonio4226 SE Military DrSan AntonioTX78222Pre-Planned359Garden
Former Tundra VillageSouth San Antonio18495 TX-16San AntonioTX78264Pre-Planned500Garden
Lofts at CreekviewSouth San Antonio3815 E Commerce StSan AntonioTX78220Under Construction04/01/202206/01/2024301Podium
Los CielosSouth San Antonio3201 Sidney Brooks DrSan AntonioTX78235Under Construction03/01/202308/01/2025500Single Family
Nabors TractSouth San Antonio11625 Old Corpus Christi HwySan AntonioTX78223Pre-Planned340Garden
Palo AltoSouth San AntonioI-410 & TX-16San AntonioTX78224Under Construction08/01/202207/01/2025336Garden
SouthtonSouth San Antonio14050 Southton RdSan AntonioTX78223Under Construction12/01/202210/01/2024239Garden
Villas at Echo East IISouth San Antonio301 Spriggsdale BlvdSan AntonioTX78220Pre-Planned325Wrap
Artesia at Medina ValleySouthwest San Antonio6304 Masterson RdSan AntonioTX78252Under Construction09/01/202210/01/2024285Horizontal Apartment
Asten Briggs RanchSouthwest San Antonio3840 TX-211San AntonioTX78245Pre-Planned312Garden
Citadel UrbanSouthwest San Antonio503 Richland Hills DrSan AntonioTX78245Under Construction05/01/202203/01/2024181Garden
Potranco CommonsSouthwest San Antonio202 W Loop 1604 SSan AntonioTX78245Under Construction06/01/202207/01/2024360Garden
Prose Vista WestSouthwest San Antonio9311 Vista W DrSan AntonioTX78245Under Construction/Lease-Up10/01/202210/01/2024348Garden
Sienna at Westover HillsSouthwest San Antonio11869 Potranco RdSan AntonioTX78245Under Construction/Lease-Up01/01/202212/01/2023306Garden
Tacara at Dove CreekSouthwest San Antonio189 Empresario DrSan AntonioTX78245Under Construction/Lease-Up06/01/202109/01/2023321Garden
Culebra RoadWest San Antonio4740 Culebra RdSan AntonioTX78228Planned10/01/202305/01/2025199Garden
WurzbachWest San AntonioWurzbach Rd & Roxbury DrSan AntonioTX78238Under Construction10/01/202211/01/2024324Garden



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