Opportunity/Investment Strategy:

As exclusive advisor, MMG Real Estate Advisors is pleased to offer the opportunity to Victorian Village Townhomes, a 210-unit multifamily townhome community located in St. Louis, Missouri. This institutionally maintained and operated asset offer strong historical operations and clear value-add upside via interior unit improvements. Victorian Village Townhomes offers sustainable renter demand given its strategic North County location near multiple major economic demand drivers and provides a new investor with durable cash flow and multiple value creation opportunities.    

Stabilized offering featuring attractive value-add upside potential

Current ownership has employed a long-term conservative strategy in lieu of maximizing top-end rents, as illustrated by Victorian Village Townhomes below-market rents and an occupancy level that consistently hovers around in the mid 90% range with virtually no loss to lease. As a result, the asset is ideally positioned for new ownership to add substantial value through interior unit improvements and moving rents in line with the market.  

Late 1980’s build – substantially newer than competing properties

Victorian Village Townhomes offers late 1980’s construction which will provide ownership with the newest product in the submarket and significantly lower capital improvement requirements over time. In addition to the physical benefits, the 1980’s vintage construction allows you to achieve a modern look and feel without the extreme heavy lift of renovating older 1960’s and 1970’s product in the market.