Exceptional Asset Being Sold by Original Developer

Built to high-quality standards in 1977, 1981, 1983, and 1986, Parkview Gardens has been meticulously maintained as a multigenerational asset by the original developer for the past 40-plus years. Making its first appearance on the market, Parkview Gardens presents the opportunity to refine an already established property. The possibilities for leveraging modernization to achieve a greater upside are far more significant because of its longstanding ownership. Additionally, with a consistent 10-year chain of title in place, the property is eligible for redevelopment using Low Income Housing Tax Credits. 

Rare HAP Opportunity – Stable Rental Income with Guaranteed Payments

Parkview Gardens presents a unique opportunity to leverage the project-based Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) program, providing stable and guaranteed rental income. The HAP program subsidizes a portion of the tenants’ rent, ensuring a consistent cash flow for the property. This feature adds a layer of security and stability to the investment, making Parkview Gardens an attractive opportunity.

Offered at a Fantastic Basis Relative to the Market

Parkview Gardens is competitively priced relative to the market, providing investors with an attractive basis for potential returns. With a solid market position and favorable pricing, this property presents an excellent opportunity to achieve strong investment performance.