Excellent Location in the Thriving Rio Grande Valley  

The Landings and Minnesota portfolio is strategically situated in the thriving city of Brownsville, located in the vibrant Rio Grande Valley in the southernmost part of Texas. This region offers a dynamic and growing market with a range of opportunities for residents and businesses. The proximity to major employers such as the Port of Brownsville, SpaceX, University of Texas Brownsville, and the bustling Sunrise Mall positions the properties advantageously for attracting tenants and ensuring sustained demand.

Strong Surrounding Demographic Profile

Brownsville has a population of 189,000 residents. The demographic profile skews towards a relatively young population, with a notable percentage falling under the age of 18. This indicates a potential for long-term rental demand, particularly from young families and students attending the local educational institutions. The high quality, yet low cost of living, continues to attract a top-tier workforce. These dynamics will keep the Rio Grande Valley regarded as an outstanding market.

Nearby major employers also attract a strong tenant base. The Port of Brownsville, only 1.5 miles from the Minnesota and 5.5 miles from the Landings, is recognized worldwide as the premier U.S. port for ship recycling and is home to the largest U.S. fabricator of offshore drilling platforms.

Well-Positioned Asset Primed for Value-Add Implementation  

This portfolio presents an exciting opportunity for value-add renovations. The interior finishes of the portfolio consist mainly of classic interior finishes and are primed for value-add modernizations and upgrades to bring the properties up to current high-end standards that will increase average rents significantly.

While minor renovations have been implemented in each property over the past several years, significant potential remains for the next owner to enhance and upgrade the units by applying new flooring, kitchen backsplashes, and new lighting packages. By implementing strategic and thoughtful renovations, the properties can be positioned at a higher rental tier, attracting a broader tenant base and maximizing rental income potential.