Unique HAP Opportunity  

Independence Meadows presents a rare opportunity to leverage the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) program, providing stable and guaranteed rental income. The HAP program ensures a consistent cash flow by subsidizing a portion of the tenants’ rent. This feature adds a layer of security and stability to the investment.

Average of 5% Annual HUD Rent Increases 

The property is located in rapidly growing Bastrop County, TX. On average, HUD Fair Market Rents in the submarket have increased 5% per year since 1985. This long-term trend offers consistent income growth potential, ensuring steady appreciation of rental income over the investment’s duration.

Fully Renovated in 2019  

Independence Meadows underwent a complete renovation in 2019, ensuring that it is in excellent condition and ready for immediate occupancy. This recent renovation significantly reduces the immediate need for additional capital expenditures, providing investors with peace of mind and minimizing future maintenance costs.