Exceptionally Low Basis for the Vintage & Quality of Construction

Offered at an incredible basis for a newer vintage asset, Grizzly Villas is priced at just under $70K per door, which is less than half of today’s new construction cost. With limited capital needs, a new investor has the ability to immediately create equity with improved operations.

Uniquely Positioned as Exclusive Off-Campus Student Housing Community Servicing Butler County Community College

As the only off-campus apartment community in El Dorado that strictly leases to students, Grizzly Villas is uniquely positioned as the exclusive off-campus student housing community serving Butler Community College. Within a 1-mile radius of the campus, there are only 3 other conventional multifamily assets (amounting to 100 units in total) that were built between 1978 and 1981. Of those, 75% of all units are income restricted. 

Convenient Location Walkable to Butler Community College Campus

Located catty-corner from campus, Grizzly Villas is a stone’s throw to the Butler Community College, which provides residents with the incredibly rare amenity of convenience, especially given the limited on-campus parking. With unmatched proximity, the property provides transportation ease and efficiency for students that no other off-campus housing can effectively offer.