Positioned & Poised For Value-Add Implementation

Constructed in 1983, Georgetown Court offers 100% classic units that have been operated by a professional third-party management company for over 15 years. As a result, the property provides the rare blank canvas to do uniform updates with proven rental runway.

A complete interior renovation strategy inclusive of upgraded flooring, kitchens, cabinetry, countertops, and appliances throughout the property will increase average rents by ~$200/unit/month, or over $200k annually in gross revenue, while remaining more affordable than nearby comparable two-bedroom rentals.

Long-Term Ownership (15+ Years)

Georgetown Court offers an incredibly rare opportunity to purchase from a long-term owner of more than 15 years. The property has been professionally managed and meticulously maintained throughout its lifetime. This tenure of ownership brings forth a wealth of advantages that truly set this property apart. The stability and commitment demonstrated by the long-standing owners ensure that the property has been managed with care and attention to detail.

With deep insights into the building’s maintenance history, upgrades, and tenant relationships, new ownership can purchase with confidence, knowing that they are acquiring a well-tended asset. Additionally, the continuity in ownership speaks volumes about the property’s desirability and sustained profitability.

Strategic Location with Convenient Highway Access

Georgetown Court has fantastic connectivity to all major highway arteries throughout the Wichita MSA, including very close proximity to US-54 and I-235. Proximity to these major transportation arteries ensures seamless connectivity, enhancing the property’s appeal to a diverse tenant demographic. Conveniently located near neighborhood amenities and situated less than 10 minutes to downtown Wichita and less than 5 minutes to Dwight D Eisenhower National Airport, the property offers tenants convenient access to the area’s major amenities and employers.