Huge Value-Add & Operational Upside Across the Portfolio 

Fairfield Village & Park Place offer nearly 90% classic units, giving new ownership the opportunity to achieve significant rent upside of ~$240/unit/ month. Through investing in unit upgrades, amenity modernizations, and strategic exterior cosmetic capex, new ownership will be able to increase annual rental income by over $840,000 across the two properties. 

Fantastic Unit Mix Offering Almost 50% Two-Story Townhome Units 

The portfolio features an attractive unit mix that includes 156 two-story, townhome-style units at Fairfield Village (85% of the units at Fairfield Village & 46% of the total portfolio). With a blend of 1- and 2 -bedroom flats and 2-bedroom townhomes, the portfolio units appeal to a wide variety of renter profiles. 

1990s Vintage Assets with Significant Recent CapEx Completed 

Built in 1992 and 1994, Fairfield Village & Park Place offer modern construction and have seen significant capex investment in recent years, allowing a new owner to focus their attention and capital on property-wide unit upgrades and strategic amenity / cosmetic exterior improvements.