Opportunity to Acquire Scale in the Thriving Rio Grande Valley  

The Brownsville III Portfolio is strategically situated in the thriving city of Brownsville, located on a growth corridor in the vibrant Rio Grande Valley in the southernmost part of Texas. This region offers a dynamic and growing market with a range of opportunities for residents and businesses. Major employers moving into the market are driving up both rents and occupancy. The proximity to major employers such as the Port of Brownsville, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and the bustling Sunrise Mall positions the properties advantageously for attracting tenants and ensuring sustained demand. In addition, a lack of new inventory in this market contributes to a strong rental occupancy rate, supporting consistent returns for investors. 

Strong Surrounding Demographic Profile 

The demographic profile in Brownsville skews towards a relatively young population, with a notable percentage falling under the age of 18. This indicates a potential for long-term rental demand, particularly from young families and students attending the local educational institutions. The high quality, yet low cost of living, continues to attract a top-tier workforce. These dynamics will keep the Rio Grande Valley regarded as an outstanding market.

Offered with Existing Debt | Mid 5% Interest Rates  

The Brownsville III Portfolio is offered with assumable debt, boasting an interest rate in the mid-five percent range—well below current market rates. Investors can capitalize on the lower financing costs, significantly enhancing the property’s cash flow and overall return on investment. In a market where securing cost-effective capital is increasingly more challenging, this presents a compelling opportunity to strengthen the portfolio’s overall financial performance within the dynamic landscape of the market.