Desirable Bremen School District

One of the highlights of Bremen Place and Bremen Square is their location within the highly regarded Bremen school district. The district’s excellent reputation and quality educational institutions contribute to the overall desirability of the properties, making them an appealing choice for families seeking a high-quality education for their children. This advantage provides a competitive edge in attracting and retaining tenants, ensuring consistent demand for the properties. 

Over 16% in Loss to Lease Upside Potential 

The property currently presents an opportunity to capitalize on a 16.66% loss to lease, indicating the potential to achieve significantly higher rental rates in line with market demand. By strategically implementing a proactive leasing strategy and adjusting rents to current market levels, the property’s revenue can be significantly increased, boosting net operating income and overall returns for investors.

Significant Capital Invested Over the Past 5 Years

Bremen Place and Bremen Square have benefited from significant capital investments over the past five years. These investments have resulted in numerous property upgrades, renovations, and improvements, enhancing the overall appeal and value of the assets. All AC units, all water heaters, and all decks have recently been replaced. 24-unit Bremen Square boasts new roofs. Prospective investors can leverage the substantial capital already deployed into the properties, minimizing immediate capital expenditures and positioning the assets for long-term success.