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Construction Pipeline


23,139 Units


2,553 Units

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7,789 Units


1,765 Units

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Units Under Construction

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2,183 Under Construction

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824 Under Construction

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275 Under Construction

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287 Under Construction

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182 Under Construction

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1,224 Under Construction

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90 Under Construction

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1,617 Under Construction

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509 Under Construction

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684 Under Construction

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707 Under Construction

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Kansas City Construction Pipeline

The information provided in this construction pipeline map is obtained from RealPage. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the map is as accurate as possible, MMG REA does not warrant, endorse, or guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the information.

Users of the map should be aware that the data related to properties, including but not limited to locations, statuses, and details, may be subject to change without notice. MMG REA shall not be liable for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information or for any user’s reliance on the information. Users are encouraged to validate the information with other sources in the field to confirm any details or obtain further information.

Full Data Table

Property NameSubmarketAddressCityStateZIP CodeProperty StatusConstruction Start DateConstruction Finish DateTotal UnitsProperty Structure
108 Grand BoulevardCentral Kansas City108 Grand BlvdKansas CityMO64106Pre-PlannedPodium
14 WyandotteCentral Kansas CityWyandotte St & W 14th StKansas CityMO64105Pre-Planned300Podium
1512 Main StreetCentral Kansas City1512 Main StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned506Podium
1818-1822 Main StreetCentral Kansas City1818-1822 Main StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned112Podium
3244 & 3240 Main StreetCentral Kansas City3244 & 3240 Main StKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned60Tower
3260 Main StreetCentral Kansas City3260 Main StKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned82Podium
4711 Belleview AvenueCentral Kansas City4711 Belleview AveKansas CityMO64112Pre-Planned319Podium
4720 Jefferson StreetCentral Kansas City4720 Jefferson StOverland ParkMO64112Pre-PlannedPodium
500 East 8th StreetCentral Kansas City500 E 8th StKansas CityMO64106Under Construction07/01/202309/01/2025263Tower
800 Grand BoulevardCentral Kansas City800 Grand BlvdKansas CItyMO64106Pre-Planned338Wrap
911 Wyoming StreetCentral Kansas City911 Wyoming StKansas CityMO64101Pre-Planned10/01/202403/01/202677Tower
Admiral LoftsCentral Kansas City500 Admiral BlvdKansas CityMO64106Pre-Planned250Podium
Aines Dairy LoftsCentral Kansas City3130 Gillham RdKansas CityMO64109Under Construction06/01/202309/01/202452Garden
AscendCentral Kansas CityE 3rd St & Oak StKansas CityMO64106Pre-Planned232Podium
Atlas 303Central Kansas City303 BroadwayKansas CityMO64105Pre-Planned88Podium
BelmontCentral Kansas City911 Linwood BlvdKansas CityMO64109Pre-Planned200Tower
Broadway Boulevard & West 12th StreetCentral Kansas CityBroadway Blvd & W 12th StKansas CityMO64105Pre-Planned255Podium
Cardinal Crest Homes DevelopmentCentral Kansas CityForest Ave & Tracy AveKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned40Garden
Carnival BuildingCentral Kansas City800-802 Broadway BlvdKansas CityMO64105Planned10/01/202310/01/202439Tower
City HarvestCentral Kansas CityW 5th St & Main StKansas CityMO64106Planned10/01/202304/01/2026300Podium
Converge IICentral Kansas City3600 Broadway BlvdKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned83Podium
East 13th Street & Main StreetCentral Kansas CityE 13th St & Main StKansas CityMO64106Pre-PlannedPodium
East 18th Street & Lydia AvenueCentral Kansas CityE 18th St & Lydia AveKansas CityMO64106Pre-PlannedPodium
East 3rd Street & Grand BoulevardCentral Kansas CityE 3rd St & Grand BlvdKansas CityMO64106Planned10/01/202301/01/2026245Podium
EPC Real Estate Group DevelopmentCentral Kansas City1650 Broadway BlvdKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned350Podium
Exact Partners DevelopmentCentral Kansas CityE 37th St & Main StKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned132Podium
Fashionbilt LoftsCentral Kansas City423 W 8th StKansas CityMO64105Pre-Planned222Tower
Four LightCentral Kansas CityTruman Rd & Main StKansas CityMO64108Pre-PlannedPodium
Freight House VillageCentral Kansas CityE 20th St & Walnut StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned246Podium
Jamestown SquareCentral Kansas CityState Line Rd & W 39th StKansas CityMO64111Under Construction08/01/202203/01/2025226Wrap
Katz on MainCentral Kansas City3948 Main StKansas CityMO64111Under Construction07/01/202207/01/2025192Podium
KCATA DevelopmentCentral Kansas CityMain St & W 10th StKansas CityMO64106Pre-Planned240Podium
Levy at Martini CornerCentral Kansas City506 E 31st StKansas CityMO64108Planned09/01/202312/01/2024163Podium
Madison Avenue & West 29th StreetCentral Kansas CityMadison Ave & W 29th StKansas CityMO64108Under Construction05/01/202112/01/202348Modular
Manor SquareCentral Kansas City4050 Pennsylvania AveKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned107Podium
Mill StreetCentral Kansas CitySW Trafficway & Mill StKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned113Podium
Museum TowerCentral Kansas City4501 Main StKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned300Podium
Oaks River MarketCentral Kansas City110 E 3rd StKansas CityMO64106Pre-Planned102Podium
One Nine Vine ICentral Kansas City1901 Vine StKansas CityMO64108Under Construction04/01/202212/01/202380Podium
One Nine Vine IIICentral Kansas CityE 18th St & Vine StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned60Podium
RoxfordCentral Kansas City3438 Troost AveKansas CityMO64109Under Construction02/01/202201/01/2024102Tower
SenateCentral Kansas City3500 Troost AveKansas CityMO64109Under Construction02/01/202203/01/2024139Podium
SomeraRoad DevelopmentCentral Kansas City933 Mulberry StKansas CityMO64101Pre-Planned280Podium
The 15Central Kansas City1525-1531 Holmes StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned180Garden
The AllisCentral Kansas City1220 Wyandotte StKansas CityMO64105Pre-Planned226Podium
The MadisonCentral Kansas CityRoanoke Pkwy & Madison AveKansas CityMO64112Pre-Planned238Podium
The Paseo & East 18th StreetCentral Kansas CityThe Paseo & E 18th StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned54Garden
The Residences at 31st & BaltimoreCentral Kansas City3030 Baltimore AveKansas CityMO64108Planned08/01/202308/01/2025385Wrap
The Residences at Park 39Central Kansas City315 E 39th StKansas CityMO64111Under Construction04/01/202204/01/2024138Garden
The TracksCentral Kansas City311 W 22nd StKansas CityMO64108Under Construction12/01/202111/01/2024193Podium
The Yards IICentral Kansas City1660 Genessee StKansas CityMO64102Under Construction03/01/202301/01/2025224Wrap
Three LightCentral Kansas City1477 Main StKansas CityMO64105Under Construction06/01/202109/01/2023288Podium
Vine Street & East 21st StreetCentral Kansas CityVine St & E 21st StKansas CityMO64108Pre-Planned60Single Family
West 12th Street & Washington StreetCentral Kansas CityW 12th St & Washington StKansas CityMO64105Pre-PlannedPodium
West 39th Street & Roanoke RoadCentral Kansas CityW 39th St & Roanoke RdKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned92Podium
West 5th Street & Main StreetCentral Kansas CityW 5th St & Main StKansas CityMO64106Pre-Planned240Podium
West Armour Boulevard & Baltimore AvenueCentral Kansas CityW Armour Blvd & Baltimore AveKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned84Podium
West Armour Boulevard & Main StreetCentral Kansas CityW Armour Blvd & Main StKansas CityMO64111Pre-Planned300Podium
West Plaza FlatsCentral Kansas City4400 Belleview AveKansas CityMO64111Under Construction10/01/202103/01/2024138Podium
WonderlandCentral Kansas City1923 Broadway BlvdKansas CityMO64108Under Construction06/01/202208/01/2024215Podium
23rd & SwiftClay County2300 Swift StKansas CityMO64116Under Construction05/01/202212/01/2024294Wrap
AscentClay County3315 N Oak TrafficwayKansas CityMO64116Pre-Planned342Garden
Montage LibertyClay CountyChurch Rd & NE 104th StLibertyMO64068Pre-PlannedGarden
One NorthClay CountyArmour Rd & Diamond PkwyNorth Kansas CityMO64116Under Construction09/01/202210/01/2024275Garden
Park Place at Liberty SquareClay CountyW Mississippi St & N Prairie StLibertyMO64068Pre-Planned38Garden
The Darby at BriarcliffClay County1600 NW 38th StKansas CityMO64116Under Construction06/01/202202/01/2024255Garden
Woodstone at Metro North Crossing IIClay County8660 N Wyandotte StKansas CityMO64155Pre-Planned213Garden
CitiHome KCIndependence/East Kansas CityProspect Ave & E 7 StKansas CityMO64124Planned05/01/202406/01/202678Garden
Lux Living DevelopmentIndependence/East Kansas CityE Front St & Berkley PkwyKansas CityMO64120Pre-Planned254Podium
Offices on OverlookIndependence/East Kansas City2801 Swope PkwyKansas CityMO64130Pre-Planned140Podium
SouthPointe at 63rd StreetIndependence/East Kansas CityProspect Ave & E 63rd StKansas CityMO64130Pre-Planned300Garden
The FallsIndependence/East Kansas CityWaterfall Park Trl & Bass Pro DrIndependenceMO64055Under Construction11/01/202212/01/2024275Garden
Aria ILee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownNW Colbern Rd & NE Douglas StLee's SummitMO64064Pre-Planned392Garden
Aria IILee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownNW Colbern Rd & NE Douglas StLee's SummitMO64064Pre-Planned582Garden
Chapel Ridge ILee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownNE Custer Dr & NE Akin BlvdLee's SummitMO64064Under Construction12/01/202210/01/2024276Garden
Chapel Ridge IILee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownNE Custer Dr & NE Akin BlvdLee's SummitMO64064Pre-Planned120Garden
Former Shamrock Hills Golf ClubLee's Summit/Blue Springs/Raytown3161 SW M 291 HwyLee's SummitMO64082Pre-Planned250Garden
Paragon Star Village ILee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownI-470 & View High DrLee`s SummitMO64081Pre-Planned380Garden
Paragon Star Village IILee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownI-470 & View High DrLee`s SummitMO64081Pre-PlannedGarden
Stag's FieldLee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownNE Jamestown Dr & Bowlin RdLee's SummitMO64064Pre-Planned356Garden
The Depot on Old Santa FeLee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownE 93rd St & Old Santa Fe RdKansas CityMO64138Pre-Planned252Garden
The PorchesLee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownE 93rd St & Hillcrest RdKansas CityMO64138Pre-Planned20Townhome/Row Home
The ReserveLee's Summit/Blue Springs/RaytownE 93rd St & Hillcrest RdKansas CityMO64138Pre-Planned293Garden
510 NorthNorth Overland ParkAntioch Rd & W 103rd StOverland ParkKS66212Pre-Planned317Podium
Brookridge Future PhasesNorth Overland ParkAntioch Rd & W 103rd StOverland ParkKS66212Pre-PlannedPodium
Leawood VillageNorth Overland Park8680 State Line RdLeawoodKS66206Under Construction05/01/202210/01/2024182Wrap,Townhome/Row Home
The Promontory IINorth Overland Park8997 Metcalf AveOverland ParkKS66212Planned09/01/202312/01/2025150Wrap
20700 West 151st StreetOlathe/Gardner20700 W 151st StOlatheKS66061Pre-PlannedGarden
Cendana OlatheOlathe/Gardner18345 College BlvdOlatheKS66061Under Construction05/01/202204/01/2024289Garden
Flint Meadows EastOlathe/Gardner36520 W 103rd StDe SotoKS66018Pre-Planned634Garden
Flint Meadows WestOlathe/Gardner9965-10115 Edgerton RdDe SotoKS66018Pre-Planned248Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex
Homes at Wolf CreekOlathe/Gardner13600 W 177th StOverland ParkKS66062Under Construction/Lease-Up01/01/202305/01/2024209Single Family
Tallgrass IIOlathe/Gardner16498 Evergreen StGardnerKS66030Under Construction/Lease-Up05/01/202212/01/2023136Garden
Tallgrass IIIOlathe/Gardner16498 Evergreen StGardnerKS66030Pre-PlannedGarden
The BrentwoodOlathe/Gardner15410 S Brentwood StOlatheKS66062Under Construction01/01/202205/01/2024211Garden
The Clearing at ONE28 IOlathe/Gardner12840 S Black Bob RdOlatheKS66062Under Construction/Lease-Up11/01/202103/01/2024303Garden,Townhome/Row Home
The Clearing at ONE28 IIOlathe/Gardner12708 S Black Bob RdOlatheKS66062Pre-Planned84Garden
The Residences at Lexington IOlathe/Gardner34040 W 90th CirDe SotoKS66018Pre-Planned172Garden
The Residences at Lexington IIOlathe/Gardner34040 W 90th CirDe SotoKS66018Pre-Planned190Garden
Treadway at New TrailsOlathe/Gardner25901 W 178th StGardnerKS66030Under Construction/Lease-Up03/01/202209/01/2023288Garden
University ParkOlathe/GardnerW 167th St & N White DrGardnerKS66030Pre-Planned606Garden,Townhome/Row Home
University Park Future PhasesOlathe/Gardner163rd St & University DrGardnerKS66030Pre-PlannedGarden
West 119th Street & KS-7Olathe/GardnerW 119th St & KS-7OlatheKS66061Pre-Planned597Townhome/Row Home
West 167th Street & North White DriveOlathe/GardnerW 167th St & N White DrGardnerKS66030Pre-Planned106Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex
Wild HorseOlathe/GardnerW 179th St & S Switzer RdOverland ParkKS66062Pre-PlannedGarden
Woodland ForestOlathe/Gardner10425 Woodland RdOlatheKS66061Pre-Planned357Garden
7306 Northwest Tiffany Springs ParkwayPlatte County7306 NW Tiffany Springs PkwyKansas CityMO64153Pre-Planned95Tower
Lofts at Tiffany SpringsPlatte County7310 NW Tiffany Springs PkwyKansas CityMO64153Under Construction/Lease-Up04/01/202211/01/2023108Garden
Trulo Homes Tiffany SpringPlatte CountyTiffany Spring & N Line Creek PkwyKansas CityMO64154Under Construction05/01/202308/01/2024200Horizontal Apartment
58NallShawnee/Lenexa/MissionNall Ave & W 58th StMissionKS66202Pre-Planned77Podium
6445 Flint StreetShawnee/Lenexa/Mission6445 Flint StShawneeKS66203Pre-Planned36Garden
ALTOShawnee/Lenexa/MissionRidgeview Rd & Prairie Star PkwyLenexaKS66219Under Construction12/01/202210/01/2024278Garden,Townhome/Row Home
BrierstoneShawnee/Lenexa/Mission8601 Renner RdLenexaKS66219Under Construction03/01/202201/01/2025213Podium
Cedar Canyon WestShawnee/Lenexa/MissionCanyon Creek Blvd & KS-10LenexaKS66227Pre-Planned276Garden
City Center ResidencesShawnee/Lenexa/MissionRenner Blvd & W 87th StLenexaKS66219Pre-Planned375Garden
Copper CreekShawnee/Lenexa/MissionW 89th St & Woodsonia RdLenexaKS66227Pre-Planned634Garden
Creekside RidgeShawnee/Lenexa/Mission6300 Silverheel StShawneeKS66226Pre-Planned146Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex
Former JCPenneyShawnee/Lenexa/Mission5665 Foxridge DrMissionKS66202Pre-Planned307Podium
MeadowlarkShawnee/Lenexa/Mission7405 Hedge Ln TerShawneeKS66227Under Construction06/01/202206/01/2024144Garden
Merriam Grand Station LoftsShawnee/Lenexa/Mission8703 Shawnee Mission PkwyMissionKS66202Under Construction01/01/202303/01/2025361Podium
Mission BeverlyShawnee/Lenexa/Mission5935 Beverly AveMissionKS66202Pre-Planned235Wrap
Mission GatewayShawnee/Lenexa/MissionJohnson Dr & Roeland DrMissionKS66205Pre-Planned168Podium
Payne & Brockway DevelopmentShawnee/Lenexa/MissionRidgeview Rd & Prairie Star PkwyLenexaKS66219Pre-Planned122Townhome/Row Home
Reflections at City CenterShawnee/Lenexa/Mission9300 Renner BlvdLenexaKS66219Pre-Planned338Garden
Residences at Renner 95Shawnee/Lenexa/Mission9401 Renner BlvdLenexaKS66219Pre-Planned319Tower
Residents at SonomaShawnee/Lenexa/MissionMaurer Ct & Maurer RdLenexaKS66219Pre-Planned290Garden
Retreat on the PrairieShawnee/Lenexa/MissionRidgeview Rd & Prairie Star PkwyLenexaKS66219Pre-Planned373Garden
Sundance ShawneeShawnee/Lenexa/Mission20747 Johnson DrShawneeKS66218Pre-Planned239Garden
The Luxe Villas at the GreensShawnee/Lenexa/Mission23600-23800 Clearcreek PkwyShawneeKS66226Pre-Planned97Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex
The Residence on Rock CreekShawnee/Lenexa/Mission5399 Martway StMissionKS66205Under Construction06/01/202212/01/2024176Wrap
The RocksShawnee/Lenexa/Mission4800 Roe PkwyRoeland ParkKS66205Planned08/01/202311/01/2025280Podium
Trails at ShawneeShawnee/Lenexa/Mission23100-23900 Clearcreek PkwyShawneeKS66226Under Construction12/01/202205/01/2025444Garden
Watercrest SouthShawnee/Lenexa/MissionW 90th St & Monticello RdLenexaKS66220Pre-Planned230Garden
West 101st Street & Woodland RoadShawnee/Lenexa/MissionW 101st St & Woodland RdLenexaKS66220Pre-Planned344Garden
1500 Meadow Lake ParkwaySouth Kansas City/Grandview1500 Meadow Lake PkwyKansas CityMO64114Pre-Planned220Podium
East 135th Street & Holmes RoadSouth Kansas City/GrandviewE 135th St & Holmes RdKansas CityMO64145Pre-Planned200Garden
Forest Ridge VillasSouth Kansas City/Grandview13401 Charlotte StKansas CityMO64146Under Construction/Lease-Up10/01/202109/01/2023194Single Family
Tall GrassSouth Kansas City/Grandview802 Pampas StPleasant HillMO64080Under Construction/Lease-Up11/01/202202/01/202450Single Family
The DepotSouth Kansas City/Grandview101 S Dean AveRaymoreMO64083Under Construction09/01/202210/01/2024300Garden
The VenueSouth Kansas City/Grandview960 Cedarcrest DrRaymoreMO64083Under Construction/Lease-Up02/01/202212/01/2023204Townhome/Row Home
Waldo74BroadwaySouth Kansas City/Grandview7421 Broadway StKansas CityMO64114Pre-Planned289Wrap
143 MetSouth Overland ParkW 143rd St & Metcalf AveOverland ParkKS66223Pre-Planned230Garden
6325 West 151st StreetSouth Overland Park6325 W 151st StOverland ParkKS66223Pre-PlannedGarden
AspiriaSouth Overland ParkW 117th St & Nall AveOverland ParkKS66211Pre-Planned419Wrap
Crystal SpringsSouth Overland ParkPflumm Rd & W 135th StOverland ParkKS66221Pre-Planned252Garden
East VillageSouth Overland ParkKenneth Pkwy & MO-150LeawoodKS66224Planned10/01/202311/01/2025404Garden
Metcalf 108South Overland ParkMetcalf Ave & W 107th StOverland ParkKS66210Pre-Planned220Podium
One35South Overland ParkW 135th St & Kenneth RdLeawoodKS66224Under Construction06/01/202212/01/2024193Garden,Townhome/Row Home
Residences at the Galleria IISouth Overland Park11201 Outlook StOverland ParkKS66211Under Construction02/01/202307/01/2025350Podium
Southglen CenterSouth Overland ParkW 119th St & Metcalf AveOverland ParkKS66213Pre-Planned341Wrap
The Grande at CityPlaceSouth Overland Park113th St & Nieman RdOverland ParkKS66210Pre-Planned266Garden
The Majestic at CityPlaceSouth Overland Park113th St & Nieman RdOverland ParkKS66210Planned10/01/202312/01/2025355Podium
West 135th Street & Antioch RoadSouth Overland ParkW 135th St & Antioch RdOverland ParkKS66221Pre-Planned413Garden
1111 North 98th StreetWyandotte County/Leavenworth1111 N 98th StKansas CityKS66111Pre-Planned270Wrap
1921 North 118th StreetWyandotte County/Leavenworth1921 N 118th StKansas CityKS66109Under Construction02/01/202304/01/2025323Garden,Duplex/Triplex/Quadplex
505 CentralWyandotte County/LeavenworthCentral Ave & N 6th StKansas CityKS66101Planned10/01/202302/01/2026129Podium
525-529 Central AvenueWyandotte County/Leavenworth525-529 Central AveKansas CityKS66101Pre-Planned148Podium
6909 State AvenueWyandotte County/Leavenworth6909 State AveKansas CityMO66102Pre-Planned192Garden
745 State AvenueWyandotte County/Leavenworth745 State AveKansas CityKS66101Pre-Planned29Tower
Bonner CrossingWyandotte County/LeavenworthSpeedway Blvd & State AveBonner SpringsKS66012Pre-Planned757Garden
Former UMB TowerWyandotte County/Leavenworth601 Minnesota AveKansas CityKS66101Planned11/01/202304/01/202525Tower
North 110th Street & State AvenueWyandotte County/LeavenworthN 110th St & State AveKansas CityKS66109Pre-Planned232Garden
SwitchWyandotte County/Leavenworth1204 N 94th TerKansas CityKS66112Under Construction/Lease-Up08/01/202112/01/2023273Garden
The HelmWyandotte County/Leavenworth200 S James StKansas CityKS66118Under Construction06/01/202303/01/2025224Garden
The HudsonWyandotte County/Leavenworth3600 Rainbow BlvdKansas CityKS66103Under Construction03/01/202302/01/2026228Podium
Woodside RosedaleWyandotte County/Leavenworth4601 Rainbow BlvdKansas CityKS66103Pre-Planned149Podium

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