Hank Hicks



Congratulations to our latest Team Member Spotlight, Hank Hicks! Recently promoted to Senior Advisor, Hank is a valued member of our Cross Market Capital Team.

Since joining MMG in October of 2022, Hank has enthusiastically adopted MMG’s core values, showcasing remarkable collaboration, a steadfast growth mindset, and a consistently positive attitude.

— MMG Managing Director Brett Meinzer


Hank’s interest in real estate began early in his career. While in law school, Hank focused heavily on real property and real estate law. One of his good friends started a brokerage and, knowing Hank’s interest, encouraged him to get his license. Hank completed a couple of deals in his spare time but wasn’t ready to commit to real estate full time.

Soon afterwards, another of Hank’s friends, Dan Wiele, joined MMG in 2021. At first, Hank thought his friend was crazy to leave his secure, full-time job for a startup. However, after seeing Dan’s career take off and witnessing how MMG does things differently, Hank knew that he would fit right in. He switched brokerages and began to practice real estate full-time as an Advisor on our Cross Market Capital Team.


What is your favorite aspect of working here?

My favorite aspect about working as a part of the CMCT is the accountability. We all hold each other to a very high standard on a daily basis, and everyone takes pride in their production. The team aspect of our business really motivates me. I know that when I am not performing my best, it affects other members of my team.


What makes MMG different from other companies?

Our commitment to not being transactional with our clients and really focusing on growing a relationship with them makes us stand out.

MMG’s collaborative platform is also unique in this industry. We all work together as a team. It’s inspiring to see the enthusiasm of the “younger” new guys; when they show up every day eager to work, it sets the tone for the entire team. Experienced Advisors are also an amazing resource, and I always learn from listening to their conversations with clients.


Describe MMG in three words:

Disruptive. Hungry. Focused.


What’s something unique about you that few people are aware of?

I’ve won multiple pickleball tournaments but have since retired.