Proven Value-Add Strategy for Substantial Returns on the Investment
Timber Point has already realized substantial returns from moderate unit and amenity modernizations. New ownership has the extraordinary opportunity to benefit from the success of the current business plan, which enables the ability to capture significant rent upside and drive outsized returns.

Upside Potential on Roughly 94% of Units | Average Rent Premiums of $172+
With moderate upgrades comprised of interior unit improvements with higher end finishes throughout, new ownership has the innate ability to achieve an average of $172 per unit (monthly) in upside on roughly 94% of the units, as evidenced by the substantial rent premiums achieved by nearby properties with strong occupancy rates upon completion of the same.

Opportunity to Achieve $793,592+ in Additional Revenue
Previously renovated and primed for additional value-add implementation throughout, Timber Point offers a significant opportunity to push rent premiums and achieve $793,592+ in additional revenue via the continuation of interior modernizations, which has already been demonstrated by current ownership on 24 of the units to date.