Well Positioned for Value-Add Implementation ($162/Unit in Potential Rent Upside)

Meadowbrook Apartments presents an ideal opportunity for new ownership to implement value-add strategies and realize significant rent premiums underwritten at $140/unit over the current effective rents. By undertaking light interior cosmetic updates, such as flooring upgrades, appliance replacements, and modern fixtures, new owners can achieve rent upside and significantly increase annual rental income.

Desirable Unit Mix with a Range of Options

Meadowbrook Apartments offer a desirable unit mix that caters to various renter preferences. The property features a range of unit options, including studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units. This diverse unit mix allows for flexibility in attracting and accommodating different tenant profiles, expanding the potential tenant pool and maximizing occupancy rates.

Opportunity to Achieve Immediate Scale at a Great Basis

Meadowbrook Apartments offers an opportunity to achieve immediate scale within the Independence, MO market at an outstanding cost basis. With 113 units, this property provides substantial scale that can be efficiently managed, allowing for improved operational efficiencies. Investors seeking to establish or expand their presence in the market have the opportunity to pair this with The Hudson Apartments as well for an additional 253 units in the immediate submarket.