Outstanding Location with Immediate Access to Neighborhood Retail & Amenities 

Liberty View Apartments benefits from a prime location within the highly sought-after city of Liberty, MO. This thriving area boasts a strong local economy, a variety of employment opportunities, a range of amenities, and strong public schools making it an appealing place for residents to live. The property’s location ensures consistent tenant demand in a quiet neighborhood setting providing a stable rental market for investors. 

With convenient access to major transportation routes, including Highway 291, 152 and Interstate 35, Liberty View Apartments offers residents seamless connectivity to employment centers, schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. The property’s proximity to these key amenities enhances its market appeal, attracting a wide range of prospective tenants. 

Tremendous Upside Available through Interior Renovations ($70/Unit) 

Liberty View Apartments presents an enticing value-add opportunity for investors to unlock rent growth potential and enhance property performance. With only 54 units renovated by the current ownership, the remaining 54 units offer ample room for upgrades and improvements, allowing new owners to capture rent premiums and significantly increase the property’s cash flow and overall value. 

By implementing light interior upgrades and enhancements such as modern flooring, updated appliances, refreshed countertops, painted cabinets, and improved lighting and plumbing fixtures, new ownership can achieve notable rent upside. Renovating the remaining classic units and leasing up vacancy has the potential to generate increased rental income by over $365,000 annually, delivering a substantial boost to the property’s financial performance. 

Substantial Upside through Improving Leasing & Operations 

Liberty View presents an attractive investment opportunity with substantial upside potential through improved leasing and operations. By implementing strategic marketing initiatives, optimizing rental rates, and enhancing property management practices, investors can drive increased occupancy rates, minimize turnover, and maximize rental income. Furthermore, diligent expense management and operational efficiencies can contribute to higher net operating income, enhancing the property’s overall financial performance and long-term value.