Desirable Location with Immediate Highway Access Near Demand Drivers 

Situated in the vibrant city of Liberty, MO, Liberty Heights Apartments benefits from a prime location with access to a growing rental market. Liberty offers a strong local economy, a robust employment sector, outstanding public schools and a range of amenities, attracting a steady influx of residents seeking quality rental housing. This favorable location ensures a stable tenant base and long-term rental demand. 

Liberty Heights Apartments boasts excellent connectivity to the entire Kansas City metro with easy access to Highway 152, Highway 291, and Interstate 35. This accessibility makes commuting to employment centers, schools, and other destinations seamless for residents, enhancing the property’s appeal and ensuring high demand for its rental units. 

Nearby Recent Class A Development Provides an Extremely High Rent Ceiling 

The presence of recent Class A developments in the vicinity of Liberty Heights has created a high rent ceiling in the market. These upscale properties have set a new standard for luxury living, driving tenant demand for high-quality accommodations. Liberty Heights stands to benefit from this trend, as it presents an opportunity for investors to position the property as an attractive and affordable option for tenants seeking upscale living experiences without the premium price tag. 

Tremendous Upside Available through Interior Renovations ($161/Unit) 

Liberty Heights Apartments presents an enticing value-add opportunity for investors to unlock rent growth potential and enhance property performance. With only 66 units renovated by the current ownership, the remaining 78 units offer ample room for upgrades and improvements, allowing new owners to capture rent premiums and significantly increase the property’s cash flow and overall value. 

By implementing light interior upgrades and enhancements such as modern flooring, updated appliances, refreshed countertops, painted cabinets, and improved lighting and plumbing fixtures, new ownership can achieve notable rent upside. Renovating the remaining classic units and leasing up vacancy has the potential to generate increased rental income by over $670,000 annually, delivering a substantial boost to the property’s financial performance.