Proven Value-Add with Significant Upside Remaining of $108/Unit

82 West has realized a substantial return on investment through various iterations of unit and amenity modernizations. Given the success of the current business plan, new ownership will benefit from the opportunity to continue to capture significant rent upside and drive outsized returns. There is upside potential on 47% of units with interior modernizations.

Offered at a Very Attractive Basis

The property is offered at a highly attractive going-in basis relative to replacement cost and recent trades across the market. The opportunity to upgrade existing classic units will provide a clear path to increased returns for future ownership. Rents have also increased by a strong 3.2% over the past year in the Jackson County Submarket, which continues to be a consistent, resilient pocket for growing rents and high occupancy.

Near Major Demand Drivers | Waldo KC

82 West is located just east of Waldo, a booming business district located in the heart of Kansas City. Waldo is a walkable, bikeable entertainment district filled with Kansas City history, family-friendly activities, and a vibrant nightlife. Waldo is home to more than 600 businesses, 60 percent of which are locally owned, and is surrounded by a family-oriented neighborhood.