A process that consistently delivers

While our process may look simple, it packs a serious punch. Behind it, we leverage a deep bench of talent, a carefully curated nationwide network and the experience that ensures outcomes are nothing less than the best. Ultimately, we deliver unprecedented certainty for clients – whether private owners, private equity, or institutional capital – from acquisition to disposition.

A whisper price that will be an accurate and reliable
representation of what the market will pay for your asset.

A valuation of your property based on empirical data sourced from years of primary source documents and direct intelligence borne from deep industry relationships with individuals across the multifamily spectrum.

Properly exposing your property listing to the market through an exhaustive marketing campaign consisting of a combination of emails, phone calls, and social media outreach ‒ not simply templated emails and ineffective mass marketing techniques.

Creating a complete market for your deal, both in terms of tactical and geographic exposure, giving you confidence that the set of offers presented represent a full and accurate representation of the value of your deal.

Execution delivered by a completely unique, dedicated team of highly specialized, experienced professionals focused on the creation of the marketplace, exposure of the deal to the right buyer groups, and walking each buyer through underwriting.

The use of a hyper-competitive bidding process driven by an exhaustive understanding of buyers’ underwriting and debt assumptions and an extensive and consistent push of buyers’ pricing and terms throughout negotiation.

Leveraging a deep network of direct relationships with all major lenders in the country and the ability to pair the most aggressive buyers with aggressive debt and equity providers in the marketplace.

Delivering an industry-leading escrow process led by a deep bench of experienced individuals focused on seamless execution of transfer of ownership.

Meaningful results, as proven by a final sales price very near the whisper price identified at the beginning of our process.

Rather than taking your chances on a less qualified broker or going it alone, consider turning to a team dedicated to maintaining the utmost level of professionalism and integrity amidst a competitive sales environment. The MMG team is cognizant of what it takes to minimize your risk and maximize your return on investment. Contact us today to get started.

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